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Our team of luxury travel specialists has over a century of experience in the travel industry, and our knowledge of the world’s most inspiring places is unrivaled.

We are here to help make your travel dreams come true, and we promise to take great care of you.

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Many cruise lines and land tours offer a large number of excursions in the locations they visit. These are designed to enhance your visit, gain some insight into the particular locale and give an introduction to the culture and life there. For the discerning traveler, one who is looking for a more in-depth, private experience which is tailored to their specific interests and wants, a custom excursion or an entire trip can be the perfect fit and the ingredient that makes your travel experience more personal, memorable and enjoyable. With today’s busy world, we are acutely aware that time and budget is at a premium. We believe that is why today, more and more clients chose to personally design their own trip for the ultimate travel experience based of their interests, their desires and their wishes.

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Who you travel with and the manner in which you travel adds or subtracts greatly from your overall experience. In our efforts to provide our clients with excellence and luxury on every level, we are proud of the Tour Travel Partners with whom we work. Their standards are equal to ours. We combine our talents and expertise to provide only the best product to you.

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About Us

As often happens when we meet new people, we are asked what we do. A simple question. But as we prepared to launch our new Kelly Cruises & Tours website, we felt perhaps that that question deserved a bit more thought than our usual quick answer, “We work in travel!”

We do “work in travel”. We book cruises and land tours all over the world. We secure hotels, air flights, trains and transfers to and from. We make sure our clients’ trips are worry free, exciting, safe and more than what they expected.

When you come to us, we know you are ready for something different…time to change the routine a bit, leave the familiar, stretch yourself, leave some of the old self behind and look somewhere else to find a newer you. Relax in a different way in totally different surroundings. See what’s in this great big world for you. Not forever…just for a time.

That’s when our strengths come into play. We know how to make this happen for you. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years and we’re very good at what we do. There are many years of experience in the travel industry within our walls and we like – o.k., love – helping people have serious fun.

Hold on to all those dreams about traveling, the vision you see in your mind of you exploring new cities, meeting new people, experiencing a different county, then call us, write us, stop by the office and see us. We’ll ask you lots of questions. We’ll listen closely. We’ll become familiar with your likes and dislikes. We’ll plan with you and for you. Together, we’ll make something wonderful happen.

That’s how we “work in travel”.

And to you, our wonderful clients who have done business with us over these many years…Thank You!

Thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in us. Thank you for telling your family and friends about us, your referrals are priceless! Thank you for sharing your stories, experiences and pictures. We love hearing about and sharing your fondest memories. You are and always will be very important to us. You have made these more than 25 years – which really did go by quickly – happen.

We are truly grateful.

Meet the Team
Our Experts

Nancy Kelly



Nancy’s driving force resides in the business she founded, her staff, her clients, her commitment to excellence and her passion for all things travel. The travel industry called to Nancy early on in her career and she took to it immediately. While honing her sales skills, learning the nuances of each port, cruise line and tour, Nancy always saw herself “doing her own thing”. With the introduction of Kelly Cruises in 1987, Nancy’s entrepreneurial spirit was off and running.

Now, over 25 years later, Nancy is considered by many – in the industry and her clients – as a true professional expert and vanguard in the world of travel. She is recognized personally and professionally for her diligence, honestly, knowledge and never ending search for perfection.

Nancy’s greatest happiness is knowing the positive impact her hard work has had on the many people who have enjoyed the services Kelly Cruises & Tours. The anniversary trips, the weddings on-board, the family vacation to Europe, the return trips to favorite cities, a client relating his first lion sighting in Africa, the sons and daughters who follow their parents and travel with us, the memories, the fun, the laughs….all are a legacy to a lifetime of doing something she loved. Lucky Lady! Lucky Us!

Susan Kelly Costello



Susan was in her early teens when Kelly Cruises was launched. Since that time, Susan has been happily involved with and in every aspect of the Kelly Cruises & Tours business. Having been trained by both her parents, Susan now considers travel and the travel business part of her DNA. To guarantee KC&T exceeds the high expectations of their clients, Susan has toured and traveled on the many cruise lines we represent. She has visited shipyards to see a ship evolve from an idea to an actual entity. Her passport is heavily stamped from trips to review hotels, meet land tour operators and develop relationships with locals from cities and towns throughout the world. She is well-versed and well-trained in the “business of the business” and oversees all functions from accounting to sales to advertising. She is forward thinking in her efforts to utilize new technology and diverse selling techniques to promote the services of KC&T and share her love of travel with as many people as possible. As the company’s Owner, Susan is committed to the continued growth of Kelly Cruises &Tours and maintaining the high standards and quality of service for which we are known and which our clients have come to expect. Yes, she is busy! As Owner, Wife and Mother of twin 8 year old boys, Susan has her hands full but wouldn’t have it any other way…she was born for this!

Anne Andersen

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Anne has been with Kelly Cruises & Tours since 1988 and has accompanied the agency on every part of its growth and development. A puzzle-lover, Anne brings that aspect of her inquisitive nature, combines it with her propensity toward all things mathematical and aptly runs the Accounting and Bookkeeping function of the agency with precision, efficiency and ease. It is not easy! Anne just makes it look that way. She works with everyone at the agency, knows everyone’s individual style and financially keeps us all on the right path. While the clients don’t often have the opportunity to interact with Anne, she is the point person who shepherds each client’s file through the various departments, billing levels and insures the process from booking to final billing is done seamlessly and correctly. Anne’s next destination? Denmark, her homeland, for a much anticipated family visit.

Kathy Benson-Schram

Luxury Cruise & Travel Specialist


Kathy has been with Kelly Cruises & Tours for 14 years and has functioned in many capacities from Sales Assistant to Web Designer, to Internet Marketing Assistant and more. To say Kathy knows the travel business from every perspective does not do her knowledge justice. However, Kathy has found her true place in the agency as a luxury cruise and travel specialist. Having worked closely with Nancy Kelly over the years, Kathy has enthusiastically absorbed every detail and nuance of the travel business. Of her many talents, Kathy is known – both by the staff and her many clients – for her attention to detail and her strong client commitment. Your trip is her trip. Your concerns are her concerns. She works tirelessly to find the right cruise, tour, restaurant, hotel, cruise line and cabin or suite that will fulfill and exceed every possible expectation her client may have. Clients are devoted to her, as she is to them and their relationships continue to grow and develop. Her joy and enthusiasm for developing an individual, family or groups trip to Alaska, the capitals of Europe, to South America, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica, is infectious. Simply put… she loves it… and it shows!

Mary Ann Corrigan

Travel Consultant


Mary Ann has over 20 years experience in travel. An avid traveler herself, Mary Ann has overseen and developed hundreds of individual and group land and sea trips worldwide. Familiar with locales and locals around the globe, Mary Ann’s unique combination of experiences provides the perfect background to assist clients with their travel wants and needs. Mary Ann always has something to add which enhance her clients’ wish lists. She keeps meticulous records of people, places, little known but fabulous “finds” from her personal travel and the many tips she has picked up during her worldwide research. As a result, Mary Ann’s knowledge is extensive, her commitment to providing her clients with a perfect experience is constant. Be assured, she will get you the best prices available! She will treat your budget as if it were her own. When you meet or speak with Mary Ann, you will notice that she is always very calm…which makes her manner of getting things done a delight in the office and a balm to all her very loyal her clients. You can probably tell we are very happy she’s here. Yes, Mary Ann finds time to continue her own travels. Her latest personal adventure? An expedition to enjoy polar bear sightings in Canada and Greenland!

Sue Meier



Sue’s second career is sparked by her love of travel. Always with her bag packed and passport up to date, Sue fulfills a variety of roles at KC&T. Borrowing from her years in Advertising and Sales Promotion, Sue assists with the marketing needs of Kelly Cruises & Tours and works with each agent. Her extensive personal travel provides a strong knowledge base for her concierge services to the clients. Having spent time in many locales around the world, Sue is familiar with the (sometimes out-of-the-way) places to eat, stroll, stay and shop which often add a unique perspective to our clients’ travel itineraries. One of her favorite “responsibilities” for Kelly Cruises & Tours is her function as Cruise Host. Perhaps you have traveled with Sue over the years on her many trips to Europe, South America, Australia and the Far East. She often travels with Kelly Cruises’ private groups as the agency’s liaison on land and sea to provide the extra Kelly Cruises touch along the way. If not, hopefully you will soon…she is knowledgeable, helpful….and FUN!

Vickie Johnson

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant


Vickie’s sunny voice is the first one you hear when you call Kelly Cruises & Tours. A travel agent “alum” with more than 15 years experience, Vickie has packed away her sales hat, but remains firmly footed in the industry. She brings her personal and professional travel experience and knowledge to Kelly Cruises to keep our internal wheels in constant motion. Interoffice and departmental responsibilities – her new specialty – keep the numerous, and detailed internal functions of the agency running smoothly….and cheerfully! Vickie has mastered the craft of knowing where everything is and should be within the office. Not a small feat!

Where were from
Our History

In April of 1987, Nancy Kelly announced the ‘Berth of Kelly Cruises’ with an invitation to celebrate her new cruise agency business! Well, congratulations, Nancy, you did it! This year, we will be celebrating the 27th Anniversary of Kelly Cruises with owner Susan Kelly-Costello, Nancy’s daughter, who is continuing this thriving family business.

Since 1987, we’ve planned cruise and tour vacations for over 25,000 satisfied clients from extraordinary safaris in Africa, private family tours throughout Europe to customized cruises and tours around the globe. This is who we are and what we do—and we do it better than anyone else! Knowledge, experience and even creativity do not happen overnight. It takes years to establish special relationships with cruise lines, tour companies and hotels around the world. We pride ourselves on our commitment as travel professionals and earning the trust and respect of our travel partners and clients.

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Our Happy Clients

"My wife and I just returned from a North Atlantic Crossing on-board Crystal Serenity. We have sailed Crystal Serenity many times and for us the overall cruising experience gets better each and every time."

Todd N.

"This cruise surpassed all expectations. We were greeted at the airport by three couriers who directed us to the transfer coach and from then on every detail was covered by a representitive. The cabin was comfortable with a sumptous kingsize bed and balcony."

Sue S.

"We were very impressed with the way that Crystal seems to approach virtually any task. Whatever they do, they do it with class, excellent organization and customer safety in mind. If it is a Crystal event or excursion, you can be certain it is worth the price."

John D.

"My wife and I just returned from a North Atlantic Crossing on-board Crystal Serenity. We have sailed Crystal Serenity many times and for us the overall cruising experience gets better each and every time."

Mike E.

"Thank you for writing out the Kelly Cruise amenities for our September cruise on the Amsterdam.   We really appreciate the trips that we arrange through Kelly Cruises and we especially appreciate the service.  There is no where else where we feel that we receive the quality of service and personalized care and value that you and Kelly Cruises provide for us.  We are very much looking forward to this trip and having booked with you we know that it will be perfect!"

Roxanne P.

"Just a quick note to let you know that you are high on my “to be grateful for” list which is made – mentally at least – around this time of year.  Travelling is wonderful and exciting and anxiety-producing for me.  Knowing that such competent – and good humor-women are standing by, is a gift.  I am grateful for your help and your patience.  THANK YOU!!!"

Elizabeth M.

"I appreciate the extra service you are providing and that you’re looking out for our best interest. It’s SERVICE that distinguishes one agency from another and your SERVICE is great!!!"

Nina A.

"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our Alaska excursion.  Thank you for your personal attention to our special need.  We truly appreciated having the room at the Hilton at the end of the trip."

Marlene and John K.

"Thank You to Kathy.  Best vacation of a lifetime.  We are now cruise spoiled!!!!"

Jeff S.

"Kathy:  The cruise was truly excellent.  Congratulations on deciphering exactly what we wanted and pushing for its accomplishment. Well done indeed."

Jack K.

"The Shangri-La is beautiful.  We spent the day in Stanley Park and had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.  We hated to get off the ship and leave the cruise life behind but this is a fantastic way to bridge that world and home!  Thanks again for your help."

Carla and Jack Y.

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