Welcome to Kelly Cruises & Tours

Our team of luxury travel specialists has over a century of experience in the travel industry, and our knowledge of the world's most inspiring places is unrivaled. We are here to help make your travel dreams come true, and we promise to take great care of you.

A Brief History of Kelly Cruises & Tours

In April of 1987, Nancy Kelly announced the 'Berth of Kelly Cruises' with an invitation to celebrate her new cruise agency business! Well, congratulations, Nancy, you did it!

This year, we will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Kelly Cruises with owner Susan Kelly-Costello, Nancy's daughter, who is continuing this thriving family business. Since 1987, we've planned cruise and tour vacations for over 25,000 satisfied clients from extraordinary safaris in Africa, private family tours throughout Europe to customized cruises and tours around the globe.

This is who we are and what we do—and we do it better than anyone else! Knowledge, experience and even creativity do not happen overnight. It takes years to establish special relationships with cruise lines, tour companies and hotels around the world. We pride ourselves on our commitment as travel professionals and earning the trust and respect of our travel partners and clients.

Who We Are - Get to Know Us

As often happens when we meet new people, we are asked what we do. A simple question. But as we prepared to launch our new Kelly Cruises & Tours website, we felt perhaps that that question deserved a bit more thought than our usual quick answer, "We work in travel!" We do "work in travel". We book cruises and land tours all over the world. We secure hotels, air flights, trains and transfers to and from.

We make sure our clients' trips are worry free, exciting, safe and more than what they expected. When you come to us, we know you are ready for something different...time to change the routine a bit, leave the familiar, stretch yourself, leave some of the old self behind and look somewhere else to find a newer you. Relax in a different way in totally different surroundings. See what's in this great big world for you. Not forever...just for a time.

That's when our strengths come into play. We know how to make this happen for you. We've been doing it for over 25 years and we're very good at what we do. There are many years of experience in the travel industry within our walls and we like - o.k., love - helping people have serious fun. Hold on to all those dreams about traveling, the vision you see in your mind of you exploring new cities, meeting new people, experiencing a different county, then call us, write us, stop by the office and see us. We'll ask you lots of questions. We'll listen closely. We'll become familiar with your likes and dislikes. We'll plan with you and for you. Together, we'll make something wonderful happen. That's how we "work in travel".

And to you, our wonderful clients who have done business with us over these many years...Thank You! Thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in us. Thank you for telling your family and friends about us, your referrals are priceless! Thank you for sharing your stories, experiences and pictures. We love hearing about and sharing your fondest memories. You are and always will be very important to us. You have made these more than 25 years - which really did go by quickly – happen. We are truly grateful.


Susan Kelly Costello


Susan was in her early teens when Kelly Cruises was launched. Since that time, Susan has been happily involved with and in every aspect of the Kelly Cruises & Tours business.

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Nancy Kelly


Nancy's driving force resides in the business she founded, her staff, her clients, her commitment to excellence and her passion for all things travel.

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Suzanne Philips

Director Marketing & Communications

Suzanne's desire to travel might be inherited. The youngest of five children, she spent the summers of her childhood zig zagging across the United States in the family station wagon.

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Travel Consultant

Mary Ann Corrigan

Luxury Cruise & Travel Specialist

Mary Ann has over 20 years experience in travel. An avid traveler herself, Mary Ann has overseen and developed hundreds of individual and group land and sea trips worldwide.

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Sue Meier

Travel Consultant

Sue's second career is sparked by her love of travel. Always with her bag packed and passport up to date, Sue fulfills a variety of roles at KC&T.

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Holly Duffy

Travel Consultant

When you think of vacation, you imagine a stress-free experience where everything is catered to your wants and needs.

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Travel Coordinator

Suzanne Shiffer

Luxury Travel Administrator

Suzanne is not only that lovely voice that answers the phones, but also works hard behind the scenes at Kelly Cruises & Tours.

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Supporting Staff

Anne Anderson

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Anne has been with Kelly Cruises & Tours since 1988 and has accompanied the agency on every part of its growth and development.

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